A History of The Research Leading to The Birth of Louise Brown

Royan International Twin Congress 17th Congress on Reproductive Biomedicine 11th Seminar on Nursing and Midwifery

31 August till 2 September 2016، Tehran - Iran

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Background: To give an historical account of the research under taken by Edwards, Purdy and Steptoe between 1969, when Nature published their paper describing IVF in humans, and the birth of Louise Brown in 1978.
Materials and Methods: Archives were consulted and key players interviewed.
Results: We found that more patients (282) were subjected to more procedures (495) than had been realized previously. Moreover, of the women undergoing procedures, 76 (27%) had no chance of pregnancy, as embryos were not being transferred to uteri when they were in the research programme. In total, only five clinical pregnancies resulted from these 495 procedures, of which only two produced live healthy term births.
Conclusion: It is concluded, from examination of several types and sources of information, that the evidence is consistent with Edwards, Purdy and Steptoe behaving ethically in their use of patient volunteers, and that, whilst not undertaking controlled experiments, they did use their up-to-date knowledge of the literature responsibly in their approach to problem solving.