Effect of fennel seed extract on serum inflammatory markers in mice

نهمين كنگره بين المللي آزمايشگاه و بالين و دومين كنگره ملي علوم پايه پزشكي و توليد دانش بنيان

3 الي 6 اسفند 1395، تهران - ايران

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Abstract: Background and Aim : Liver cirrhosis is the result of chronic inflammation of liver tissue which results for different reasons. One of the useful evaluation indexes for determining the reduction of liver biosynthesis capacity is checking the amount of oxidative stress in the liver cirrhosis patients which changes unnaturally in chronic liver diseases. Therefore, the main goal of this study is to check the amount of oxidative stress in blood and ascites fluid in liver cirrhosis patients.
Methods : This is a cross sectional research study in which the target population is liver cirrhosis patients with infectious or non-infectious ascites fluid. The participants are 120 people which are investigated in four different groups. Two samples of blood are taken from all the people and a sample of ascites is taken from cirrhosis patients. The activity of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase is measured in the samples of blood and ascites fluid.
Results : In the above mentioned groups, the activity of superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in the red blood cells and ascites fluid shows a significant decrease.
Conclusion : In the liver cirrhosis patients, the amount of oxidative stress has shown a significant increase. We can use this increase for monitoring the development of disease and also it shows serious damage to liver.