The serum incidence of Brucellosis in the among people referred to Shohada hospital in Bonab city, years 2013 to 2015

نهمين كنگره بين المللي آزمايشگاه و بالين و دومين كنگره ملي علوم پايه پزشكي و توليد دانش بنيان

3 الي 6 اسفند 1395، تهران - ايران

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Abstract: Background and Aim : Brucellosis is one of the most common infectious diseases in Iran, which is shared between humans and animals and caused by species of the Brucella genus. The aim of this study was to determine the incidence of brucellosis in people referred to Shohada hospital in in Bonab city, years 2013 to 2015.
Methods : The questionnaire was completed by clients, blood samples were taken and the serum was separated. On the samples Rose Bengal antigen tests, Coombs Wright and 2ME Wright were done. Finally the type of brucellosis (abortus, melitensis, suis and canis) all positive samples were determined by using PCR.
Results : total of 436 clients, 39 case (9/8%) were positive, which through them were 23 males (9/58%) and 16 females (1/41%). through the positive sample, 24 cases of abortus (5/61%), 11 cases of melitensis (2/28%), 4 cases of canis (2/10%) and no case for suis (0%) was observed.
Conclusion : According to information obtained from the questionnaire, It seems major Sufferings abortus and melitensis is due to rural life and presence in livestock and poultry traditional markets. Due to the trend of the people to keep and consume more beef than lamb, abortus in the city was more than melitensis. The major cause of pollution in the canis Sufferings, Pet care, close contact and is consumed unpasteurized dairy.