Overdiagnosis and overtreatment of patients with „Carcinoma in situ“of the breast: A critical view

دوازدهمين كنگره بين المللي سرطان پستان

4 الي 6 اسفند 1395، تهران - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: „Carcinoma in situ“ or „stage 0 cancer“ of the breast are traditionally divided into ductal (DCIS) and lobular (LCIS) types. Currently, due to the increased use of screening mammography, DCIS represents up to 20-25% of newly diagnosed cases of breast cancer. During the presentation, major problems with histological diagnosis and treatments of DCIS and LCIS will be discussed. Major issues with the designation of „carcinoma in situ“in general, and in the breast, in particular, will be critically demonstrated. The advantages and disadvantages of radiotherapy (in cases with DCIS) and hormonal treatment (in cases with DCIS and LCIS) will be covered.