New advances in Surgery of Lymphedema

دوازدهمين كنگره بين المللي سرطان پستان

4 الي 6 اسفند 1395، تهران - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Background and purpose: lymphedema after breast cancer surgery is a challenging problem. Multiple treatments for this obstacle are still ongoing in many of the suffering patients.
Patients and Methods: In this study patients with breast cancer who underwent modified radical mastectomy or other causes that damage the lymphatic drainage of the upper limb and results are lymphedema are studied from July 2016 till now. This study is a novel idea and use of vascularized lymphnode transfer on gastroepiploic artery and prepare of recipient site ( involvement limb ) for anstomosis of artery and vein VLNTg.
Results: Frequent post-operative follow-up with 3 cases and preliminary results are very promising, although any number of ways. A new perspective to this disease is incurable, but need to do more and longer follow-up. Preoperative and postoperative criteria that were evaluated included: inflation or edema measure that significantly decreased (2) efficiency limb better performance (3) repeated lymphangitis still under consideration (4) The preliminary results of patient satisfaction is excellent.
Discussion: According to the report, method of training centers and curing the world vascularized lymph node transfer under a microscope to the involved site and vascular anastomosis almost accepted. It seems the harvested lympnode from groin and neck areas may be problems and causes iatrogenic lymphedema VLNTg from intrabdomen is safe and applicable. The author believes that with this method and in terms of expertise in vascular anastomosis can be a remarkable help in the treatment of lymphedema patients expect.