The Relationship between Spiritual Wellbeing with Depression and Death Anxiety in Breast Cancer Patients in Bushehr 2015

پنجمين سمينار بين المللي سلامت زنان

29 الي 30 اردیبهشت 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Background: Depression and death anxiety are common problems in patients with breast cancer that can affect mental health of these patients. On the other hand, spiritual wellbeing recently has been considered by researchers as a factor that influence on other aspects of health. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between spiritual wellbeing with depression and death anxiety in breast cancer patients in Bushehr (2015).
Methods: In this cross-sectional, correlational study, a total of 160 breast cancer patients referred to medical centers of Bushehr, were selected by convenience sampling. Data were collected using valid and reliable questionnaires Paloutzian Ellison spiritual Wellbeing, Beck depression and Templer death anxiety. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistical methods (frequency, mean, standard deviation) and analytic (Pearson correlation coefficient، crosskall waliss and Manwhitney).
Results: The results showed average total score of spiritual wellbeing (73.62±9.64), depression (14.88±9.96), and death anxiety (8.07±3.67). There was no significant relationship between total score of spiritual wellbeing and its religious dimension with depression, while there was a significant relationship between mean score of existential dimension of spiritual wellbeing with depression (r=0.160, p=0.024). Results showed that there was a significant negative relationship between spiritual wellbeing and the death anxiety (r=-0.229, p<0/001), religious dimension of spiritual wellbeing and death anxiety (r=-0.272, p<0/001) and the mean score existential dimension of spiritual wellbeing and death anxiety (r=-0.142, p=0.046).
Conclusion: Results indicated that by increasing spiritual wellbeing, death anxiety reduced in patient with cancer. It seems a comprehensive care program encompasses spiritual wellbeing, is more effective in reducing psychological problems in these patients.