Title of the article: Domestic violence,  prevalence in  pregnancy and related factors

پنجمين سمينار بين المللي سلامت زنان

29 الي 30 اردیبهشت 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech

Background: Violence is a global problem that destroys the body of society and threats individual’s  life, health and happiness. Pregnant women are more likely to face domestic violence that it  threatens the both of their health and fetuses. 
Methods: This descriptive study was conducted between March 2012 to Aug 2013in both core  Hospitals of Shahrood University of medical sciences on 1000 pregnant women aged 15‐49 years.  Exposure to at least one of the types of violence at least one time within the past one year was  regarded as the presence of domestic violence. The independent t‐test and chi‐square and logistic  regression were used to compare the variables in exposed and non‐exposed women. The P ​<0.005was considered significant. 
Results: Prevalence of domestic violence against women was found to be 83.0%. About 67.46%,  19.29% and 13.25% of women reported psychological, sexual and physical violence respectively. The  relation was significant between the violence and the type of marriage [family vs. non ‐familial  marriage], Education level and job status of women and also their husbands. 
Conclusion: Our study found high prevalence of domestic violence among pregnant women that  needed to serious intervention to decrease it.