A review of consulting interventions for improvement of infertile couples' health physically, psychologically and socially

پنجمين سمينار بين المللي سلامت زنان

29 الي 30 اردیبهشت 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Poster
Abstract: Background: infertility is considered as a crisis for some families and it threats one's health physically, psychologically and socially, so World Health Organizationconsiders it as a health problem, because it harms people's fertility health.thisreview study aims to study on the interventions for improvement ofinfertile couples' health physically, psychologically and socially.
Methods: For writing this review, researchers first searched in Google Scholar and Persian information databases such as SID, Magiran, Irandac and then Web of Science, Science Direct, PubMed and Journals like Medical Journals, Elsevier with using Subject Heading (MeSH) and Text word and key words such as infertility, intervention, consultation andteaching. As a result of search related articles were selected from 2000-2015 years. At first 80 studies in the abstract screening stage were included. Then in full text screening 34 were excluded. At last, data of 46 articles were extracted for writing this article. Results: according to studies' results, our techniques were organized into five classes. The first class: group consulting with infertile individuals, and describing the problem was included at the beginning of the group consultation, they reach to adjustment with infertility at the end of the session. The second class: group treatment techniquein which the necessary strategies and skills for coping with the problem are taught systematically to theinfertile's spouse or his or her family and friends. The third class: a psychological model-based technique which is based on the informed person's support in understanding and sympathy with the infertile one, a reproduction medicine based on medical evidences, a unique approach and a long-term treatment. The fourth class: Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management technique (CBSM) in which different kinds of relaxation, mental imagination and stress reduction techniques with a cognitive-behavioral approach are considered. The fifth class: logo-therapy (meaning-therapy) which help the infertile couples' happiness by meaning searching.In reviewingstudies, 13 studiesare stated the impact of interventions such as counseling that is effective in adaptation women with infertility. 2 studies are pointed to impact of stress management and use of stress reduction in reducing women’s anxiety and stress that have an important role in people’s health promotion and adjustment.
Conclusion: the results showed that consulting techniques are effective on the infertile people's life quality. Since the life quality is related to some factors such as psychological state, lack of stress, connection with the environment and ability in doing activities; so for creating such conditions for people, it is necessary to teach some skills to them. Thus, the presence of an informed person familiar with consulting techniques for health improvement in fertility centersand health and consulting centers is effective on reducing individuals' pain.