Evaluation of the prevalence of wife abuse in female psychiatric patients referred to the clinics and hospitals of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

پنجمين سمينار بين المللي سلامت زنان

29 الي 30 اردیبهشت 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Background: Domestic violence (DV) is common problem which mainly occurs among different culture, economic and educational situation. This type of violence happens in partner and marital relationship in number of form including physical, social, verbal, economical and sexual.  
Methods: This is a cross sectional study which was done via convincing sample method on about 250 patients who were referred to Ebnesina, Hafez Hospital and Emam Reza Polyclinic, affiliated to Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Data collection completed in 6 months. All the participants completed demographic checklist and questionnaire of measurement of physical, psychological ,sexual and economical violence that determine this aspects separately statistical. SPSS software used to analysis the data .P value less than 0.05 consider significant.
Results: mean age of patients were 36.19±7.64 year and their husbands were 41.19±9.29. Also mean of wife abuse prevalence in economic aspect was 37.2 percent. In psychological aspect was 67.6 percent, in social aspect was 38.00 percent, in physical aspect was 24.8 and in sexual aspect was 52.4 percent. Mean of general prevalence of wife abuse in all aspects 52.84 percent was reported. The data show that there aren’t any significant relationship between age wife, age husband and long marriage with wife abuse in all aspects. Also we don’t find any significant relationship between husband’s addict and residence with wife abuse. There are significant relationship between sexual abuse and social abuse with husband’s salary and between sexual abuse with wife’s salary. We understand significant relationship between social and physical abuse with educations husbands. Also the prevalence of wife beating is low in higher degree of education. In next step relationship between prevalence of wife abuse and job of husbands patient was studied that show there is relationship between jobs husband and wife beating in social aspect.
Conclusion: we reach in this study that different factors such as degree of education, job of wife and her husband, salary of husband’s patients have influence on wife beating in patients with mental illness hospitals of Shiraz.