Setting research priorities in women's health in Iran

پنجمين سمينار بين المللي سلامت زنان

29 الي 30 اردیبهشت 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Background: Health research priority setting assists researchers and policymakers to effectively, identify and target investment for those researches that has the highest potential public health benefits. This study was conducted in order to set priority in researches in the field of women’s health in Iran.
Methods: In this study the Council on Health Research for Development manual for research priority setting was considered as the methodological basis. The first phase was to provide a list of all national institutions involved in women health. In the next phase, all the available indicators related to women’s health were collected using secondary available data from official sources. The next step was to categorize different field of researches in women health and to identify the priority researches in each field using experts’ views.
Results: Considering the situation, four areas of high priority were identified and to prioritize, four matrixes were formed and experts were requested to prioritize each area based on a score between 0-10. In the area of burden of diseases, mental illness and behavioral disorders and then cancers had a very high priority. In the area of social determinants of health, equity in access to health services had a high priority. In the area of reproductive health, maturity had a high priority in all fields of research.
Conclusion: In this study, research priority areas were identified; therefore could help the policy makers and funding agencies to consider priority areas, in addition to providing a guide for experts and researchers.