Assessment of nutrition education effect on knowledge of municipal women employees, zone 12, Tehran, 2015

پنجمين سمينار بين المللي سلامت زنان

29 الي 30 اردیبهشت 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Background: Having a healthy diet is one of the most important things for maintaining and promoting of nutrition, health and preventing of many non-communicable diseases. Nutritional knowledge has direct effect on food choices. The aim of this study was assessment of nutrition education effect on knowledge of municipal women employees, zone 12, Tehran, 2015.
Methods: In an experimental study, 35 women of Tehran zone 12 municipal subsidiaries aged 36.56 ±6.06 (mean ±SD) years old were selected by random sampling method. Data were gathered via a self-assessment questionnaire containing questions of demographic information and, knowledge assessment. Each true answer had 1 score & zero for other options. Qualitative ranking of knowledge level was done into 3 levels; good, middle and weak (50 to 75% of total score) and questioner was validated in a pilot study. Pretest and posttest were done before and after education respectively; education was done by nutritionist during 2 sessions of 2 hours a week for 4 weeks. Data were collected and analyzed by SPSS 16 computer software.
Results: Cases educational levels were 23.6%, 52.9% & 23.5% diploma, license and Ms and upper, respectively. Results showed that mean ± SD of nutritional knowledge score before and after education was 14.85 ±4.30 and 21.34 ±1.95 respectively and this increase was significant (P<0.001). Before education 32.4% & 23.5% of cases had weak and good levels of nutritional knowledge respectively. These scores had changed to 5.7% & 94.3% after education.
Conclusion: As women usually are responsible for their family food supply, having nutritional knowledge is very important for them. According to positive effect of nutrition education on people knowledge and food choices, it is necessary for governments to have strategies for public nutrition education especially for women.