Prefabricated Cervical Skin Flaps For HemiFacial Burns Scar Resurfacing

پانزدهمين كنگره بين المللي انجمن جراحان دهان، فك و صورت

19 الي 22 بهمن 1395، تهران - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech
Abstract: Prefabrication is a surgical technique that involves the introduction of a new blood supply by means of a vascular pedicle transfer into a volume of tissue. After a period of neovascularization, this volume of tissue may be transferred, based only upon this implanted vascular pedicle. The transfer may be local transposition or by microsurgical transfer. We used this technique to achieve hemi-facial re-surfacing in eighteen consecutive burns cases. The study population included fifteen females and three males with a mean age of 27.4 years (range 12 –43). Prefabrication time ranged from between 90 to 360 days with a mean of 150 days. The pre-expanded prefabricated flaps ranged from between 11-18 cm in length to 7.5 -15 cm in width with a mean dimension of 13.4 x 12 cm. All flaps survived and no major complications were encountered. We believe that this technique provides the optimal ‘like for like’soft tissue for complex facial resurfacing.