Investigating Effect of Cognitive-Behavioural Stress Management(CBSM)Program on Occupational Performance Women with Breast Cancer

اولين كنگره بين المللي تازه هاي پيشگيري، تشخيصي و درماني سرطان پستان

18 الي 20 آبان 1395، تبريز - ايران

Presentation Type: Poster
Abstract: Background and Objectives: Primary treatment of Breast Cancer can have long-lasting or late effects that can influence a woman’s ability to fully participate in many occupations. Participation restrictions refer to challenges people face engaging in their self-care, productive, and leisure activities within their homes and communities. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Cognitive-Behavioural Stress Management(CBSM) program on occupational performance women with breast cancer.
Materials and Methods: This quasi-experimental study was conducted on 80 women with breast cancer selected in cancer treatment centers in Hamadan City. Participants were randomly allocated to intervention group (n=40) and control group (n=40). The intervention group received Cognitive-Behavioural Stress Management(CBSM) program sessions in four 2-hour sessions.The control group did not receive program. Data collection instruments included demographic questionnaire and Canadian Occupational Performance Measure(COPM). These questionnaires were filled out by patients before and at the end of treatment. To analyze the data, descriptive statistics and analysis of repeated measures were used.
Results: The results showed a significant change in occupational performance ( included Selfcare, Leisure, Productivity)score of COPM in the intervention group compared to the control group after the intervention(P=0.021).Also, results of paired t-test showed a significant change in occupational performance score(P=0/0001)of COPM in the intervention group after the intervention and two week follow up. Based on the analysis of repeated measures design, the effect of time on the experimental group in post-test and follow-up has improved occupational performance in all directions.
Discussion and Conclusion: Obtained results of data showed that Cognitive-Behavioural Stress Management (CBSM) program caused to improved occupational performance in intervention group. Therefore, this method can be used as one of complementary therapy besides medical therapy in oncology centers.