Investigation of Factors Affecting on Sexual function in Women with Breast Cancer

اولين كنگره بين المللي تازه هاي پيشگيري، تشخيصي و درماني سرطان پستان

18 الي 20 آبان 1395، تبريز - ايران

Presentation Type: Poster
Abstract: Background and Objectives: Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer and the second cause of death among women, affecting individuals’sexual function. The present study aimed to investigating of factors affecting on sexual function among women with breast cancer.
Materials and Methods: Across-sectional case-control study was conducted on 104 women with and without breast cancer referring to Hamadan Charity Health Assembly and Fatemiyeh Hospital in 2015. The data were collected through demographic characteristics questionnaire and FSFI (Female Sexual Function Index) questionnaire. Data analysis was performed using SPSS/V21, descriptive statistics, chi-square test, and t-test.
Results: The age average and standard deviation for the patients and non-patients were50.02±12.07 and 49.65±11.19, respectively. No statistically significant difference was observed between the groups. 100% (52) of the patients with breast cancer and 1.92% (1) of the healthy individuals had sexual dysfunction. The highest disorder in patients with breast cancer was decreased sexual desire (0.83±0.95) and the lowest was painful intercourse (1.43±0.703). Asignificant difference was observed between the individuals with and without sexual dysfunction in terms of exercise history, birth control (contraception) method, surgery history, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy history (P<0.0001).
Conclusions: Sexual education of patients during treatment or holding sexual workshops in breast cancer clinics,oncology centers,and hospitals and performing aerobic and anaerobic exercises are recommendedsince the sexual function of patients with breast cancer is influenced by this disease and its relevant treatment.