Measurement of Fe in the serum of women with breast cancer before and after chemotherapy

اولين كنگره بين المللي تازه هاي پيشگيري، تشخيصي و درماني سرطان پستان

18 الي 20 آبان 1395، تبريز - ايران

Presentation Type: Poster
Abstract: Introduction: Breast cancer is the most prevalent malignant tumor in the women. Iron metabolism is intently associated to carcinogenesis. Iron is the one of trace element that is essential for biochemical activities such as oxygen transport, energy metabolism and DNA synthesis. Iron includes as an essential catalysis for the production of free oxygen species. Increasing of the level of iron in serum through the Fenton and Haber reaction could lead to creation of free radicals and carcinogenic effects. Due to the importance of iron in the cancer patients, the level of iron before and after chemotherapy is investigated in this study.
Method: In this study, the level of iron in 60 patients of breast ductul carcinoma was analyzed before and after chemotherapy. 36 patients were in early stage and others were in advanced stage disease. The results were compared with each other.
Results: Our study was performed by SPSS ver 19 software using Paired t-test. Statistical analysis showed that the level of iron significantly was lower in breast cancer patients after chemotherapy than to breast cancer patients before chemotherapy (p <0/001). Also, the decreasing of iron level in each stage of the disease was meaningful (the early stage p <0/001). (advanced stage p <0/005).