comparision Study of presence eight correlated gene with avian pathogenic Escherichia coli in human uropathogenic Escherichia coli

The 14 th International and Iranian Congress of Microbiology

29 till 31 August 2013، Tehran - Iran

Presentation Type: Poster

Background and Aim:: A wide range of extra intestinal infections in humans and vertebrate animals are created by the Extra intestinal E.coli strains (EXPEC). Including the APEC (Avian pathogenic Escherchia coli) and urinary tract infection (Uropathogenic Escherchia Coli) noted in humans. Recent studies  indicate that E.coli of the animal is the suitable source for emergency presence of UPEC.the aim of study is evaluation of the presence virulence factors between APEC in UPEC.
Methods: This study investigated the presence of associated genes (astA, iss, irp2, papC, iucD, tsh, vat, cva/cvi) with APEC in UPEC of isolated from patients with UTI west of Tehran by using multiplex PCR. The correlation was evaluated by chi-square test.
Results: All isolates of urinary tract infection were having with different genes astA (13 of 100), iss (11 of 100), irp2 (33 of 100), papC (3 100). None of these genes isolated iucD, tsh, vat, cva/cvi carrying did not. While the 28 isolates of APEC study of genes were required astA (24 of 28), iss (27 of 28), irp2 (15 of 28), papC (23 of 28), iucD (24 of 28), tsh (24 of 28), vat (24 of 28), cva/cvi (14 of 28).
Conclusion: The results showed that there are meaningful relation sheep between the presence of genes for virulence astA, iss, irp2, papC, in APEC and UPEC. genes iss, having the highest frequency in both strains as well as the frequency of 33% gene irp2 in strains of UPEC are proposed likely the most important factors that contributing in the presence of extra intestinal Escherichia coli live.