Potential Interactions OF Herbal Therapies and Warfarin

پنجمين كنگره بين المللي پيشگيري از بيماريهاي قلب و عروق

7 الي 9 مهر 1395، شيراز - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech

In many countries use of herbs as traditional treatments for medical problems is a part of indigenous culture. These medicinal herbs or herbal medicine are often used in combination with chemical medication. In many cases patients tend to self-prescribe herbal medicine without consulting their physician. In many other cases contraindications of herbal and chemical medications are unknown for the physicians. There are many clinical reports of unwanted herb-drug interactions. As mechanism of action and active compounds of these herbs are often known the possible interactions could be predicted. There are many reported cases of enhanced anticoagulation and bleeding resulted from simultaneous warfarin therapy and herbal medicine consumption in the world. Iran is a country with ancient history and rich medical background. Use of medicinal herbs and herbal medicine is common between Iranians. These days traditional herbal treatments are becoming even more popular between Iranian patients. Physicians should consider an unreported use of herbal medicine by their patients. Especially in case of warfarin consumption not only awareness should be raised but also monitoring for herb–drug interactions should be performed. There is no reports of unwanted interactions of Iranian traditional medication and chemical drugs. Probably because pharmacovigilance of herbal medicine is not yet studied in Iran. In this work we introduce the known warfarin-herb interactions which mainly are herbs used by Chinese system of traditional medicine.