Medical Laboratories: Networking and Referral System

The 7 th International & 12 th National Congress on Quality Improvement in Clinical Laboratory

17 till 20 April 2014، Tehran - Iran

Presentation Type: Speech

Management of providing medical laboratory diagnostic services in Health care system becomes subject to dramatic changes due to change in lab test utilization pattern, budgetary restrictions, economic up and downs and inherently different breakthroughs such as scientific and technological progresses. In health care systems utilization management, which is based on the collection, assessment and monitoring of data associated with patient services and treatment, assures efficiency and effectiveness. The central role of laboratory services in modern medicine has lead to recruit utilization management programs in clinical laboratories in order to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and improve quality for patients. Some utilization management programs by focusing on improving efficiency through reducing the cost per test propose consolidation and networking as an opportunity to increase test volumes. This model, in spite of its undeniable advantages, puts new challenges such as increased pre-analytical errors in front of the system. These kind of challenges highlights the importance of establishing a functional medical laboratory quality system management.