Evaluation of cardiovascular malformation in diabetic mothers' newborns in Imam khomeini Hospital 1389-1387

24th International Congress on Pediatrics & 10th Congress on Pediatrics Nursing

11 till 15 October 2012، Tehran - Iran

Presentation Type: Speech

Many studies have been performed regarding the relationship between maternal diabetes and malformations in fetuses. It seems that cardiovascular malformations are the most common anomalies in infants of diabetic mothers. Concerning the high prevalence of diabetes mellitus in Iran further studies in this field seem to be necessary. The objective of this study was to focus on the relationship between different types of diabetes mellitus in pregnant women and various cardiovascular malformations occurring in their infants. Other aspects such as the effects of diabetes duration and control methods are also studied in this research. Methods: This is a retrospective cohort study in which 70 neonates admitted to Valiasr hospital between the years 1387 to 1389 are chosen and devided into two groups: one group consists of infants of diabetic mothers and the other group consists of infants of non-diabetic mothers. After collecting the data regarding each infant and his/her mother from their charts, statistical analysis was performed in order to compare the data from each group. Different variables such as gender, birth weight, gestational age, apgar score by the time of birth, clinical presentations, time and report of the echocardiography if it were performed and also maternal variables such as age, past medical and obstetric history and informations regarding diabetes of the mother were concerned in this study. Findings: According to this study there seems to be a higher prevalence of cardiovascular malformations in infants of diabetic mothers than those of nondiabetic mothers (p= 0.018). The most common anomalies seem to be PDA, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and PFO. It is less probable that the type of maternal diabetes, its duration and control method could cause a great difference in the prevalence of CVMs. Conclusion: According to this study maternal diabetes has a major role in occurring some types of cardiovascular malformations in infants such as PDA, HCMP and PFO. Thus diagnostic prenatal and neonatal tests in infants and prenatal care in diabetic mothers seem to be necessary.