Incidence and Risk Factors of Retinopathy of Prematurity in Amiralmomenin Hospital, Rasht

بيست و يكمين كنگره سراسري چشم پزشكي ايران

23 الي 26 آبان 1390، تهران - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech

Purpose:To determine the incidence and risk factors of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) in premature infants referred to Amiralmomenin hospital (a tertiary eye center in Rasht) during 2005-2010.
Methods:In a cross-sectional retrospective study, data of premature infants (birth weight ≤2500g and / or gestational age ≤36 weeks), screened for ROP in Amiralmomenin hospital, including possible risk factors and eye exams’ results were recorded. The data were analyzed using chi-square, pair T- test and logistic regression.
Results:310 infants were included in the study. ROP was diagnosed in 64 (20.6%). 48% had stage I disease, 29% were at stage 2 and 23% were at stage 3 and more. The mean gestational age (GA) and birth weight (BW) for the ROP – positive infants were 30.18 (SD ±2.28) weeks with a range of 25-35 weeks and 1422.8g (SD ±420.8) with a range of 720 – 3000g respectively. Low birth weight, low gestational age, oxygen therapy, phototherapy, blood transfusion and apnea were the risk factors found to be associated with the disease. However, with logistic regression analysis, only low gestational age and low birth weight were independently associated with ROP.
Conclusion:The incidence of ROP in this study emphasizes the importance of neonatal screening, and the wider range of GA and BW of infants developing ROP, suggest that western screening guidelines may require modifications for our country. Low birth weight and gestational age were significant risk factors for the disease.