Chalazion Affects the Ocular Aberration

بيست و يكمين كنگره سراسري چشم پزشكي ايران

23 الي 26 آبان 1390، تهران - ايران

Presentation Type: Speech

Purpose: We aimed to compare high-order aberration before and after upper lid chalazion excision.
Methods: In a prospective interventional case series14 eyes from 12 patients with upper lid chalazion were entered in the study. Standard chalazion excision by transconjunctival vertical incision was done. Before and two months after the chalazion excision ZyWave (ZyWave; Milwaukee, WI) aberrometry was done.
Results: 8 patients were female. Mean age was 28.7 ± 2.7. Root mean square (RMS) of total higher-order aberration decreased statistically (0.67 ± 0.12 vs. 0.43± 0.15, p=0.012). RMS of Zernike orders in vertical trefoil, horizontal trefoil, and horizontal coma were decreased after the excision.
Conclusion: This study shows that chalazion might increase high-order aberra¬tions measured by the Hartmann–Shack aberrometer, mostly spherical aberration, horizontal coma, horizontal and vertical trefoil. Excision could reduce the ocular aberration. We believe careful evaluation for chalazion is necessary before refractive surgeries.