Epidemiological characteristics of diabetic foot ulcer in Babol, north of Iran: a study on 450 cases

Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine

Volume 2 - Number 4

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Background: Epidemiological characteristics of diabetic foot infection in our region are not clear. The purpose of this study was to determine the epidemiological features of diabetic foot infection in Babol, north of Iran.
Methods: From March, 2005 to April, 2010, the epidemiological features of 450 cases of diabetic foot infection treated in two main teaching hospitals of Babol Medical University were evaluated. Epidemiological data in these cases were determined, and collected data were analyzed.
Results: The mean age of these patients was 58.8±11.2 years. Two hundred ninety seven (66%) were females and 153 (34%) were males. Three hundred sixty nine patients (82%) had family history of diabetes mellitus (DM) and maternal inheritance was the most common pattern. Three hundred seventy eight patients (84%) were aware of suffering from DM and 297 (66%) were aware of the occurrence of foot ulcer but 86% were not familiar with the main risk factors for the development of diabetic foot infection.
Conclusion: The results show that diabetic foot infections occur more often in females and the familiarity of the risk factor in this population is relatively low. Educating these patients for prevention of diabetic foot infection is recommended.

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