Role of Camphor on Sexual Hormones and Spermatogenesis in Male Rat

Cell Journal (Yakhteh)

Volume 13 - Number Suppl.2

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Objective: The Iranian belief, Camphor (a crystalline keton obtained from Cinamum Camphora) is a suppressor of sexual activity. This study examined the effects of camphor on sexual hormones (LH, FSH & testosterone) and spermatogenesis in male rat.
Materials and Methods: 56 male rats were selected and divided in to 7 groups (1 control, 3 sham and 3 treatment) the sham groups received daily ip injections of the vehicle ( ethanol 10%) for 30 days. Treatment groups received daily ip injections of the Camphor + vehicle at 1 mg/Kg, 2mg/Kg and 5mg/Kg for 30 days. The blood samples were centrifuged and freezed. Serum used for measurement of LH, FSH and testosterone by ELIZA kit. And at 37th days, each group was anesthetized and their testes were removed for obtaining serial sections and histological staining.
Results: There were no significant differences in testosterone from control and the other groups. LH increase and FSH (at 2mg/Kg and5mg/Kg) decrease significantly from control and the other groups (p<0.05). In histopathological exam, control and sham groups were significant differences. This finding indicates that effect of camphor’s vehicle.
Conclusion: These results shows that, despite LH is increased by Camphor administration, there is no changes in testosterone. The reason is possible that inhibitory effect of camphor on catecholamine secretion.