Assessment of nutritional parameter outcome in laryngeal cancer patients undergoing laryngectomy

مجله گوش، گلو، بيني و حنجره ايران

دوره 22 - شماره 61

Article Type: Original Article

Introduction: Laryngectomy in patients with laryngeal cancer can lead to the reduction of nutritional parameters. Supportive treatments and supplementary nutritional supports are recommended in all patients undergoing laryngectomy, even with acceptable preoperative nutritional indices. The aim of this study was to evaluate postoperative changes in nutritional parameters in patients with laryngeal cancer undergoing laryngectomy.
Materials and Methods: In a prospective study from 2005 to 2007, 30 candidate patients for total laryngectomy in Amir Alam Hospital in Tehran were included for final diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma (stage T4). Nutritional parameters including body mass index (BMI), serum levels of albumin, hemoglobin, total protein concentration, total lymphocyte number and percentage were assessed one week before and one month after laryngectomy. All patients used their routine dietary regimens and those who received nutritional supplementation after surgery were excluded from the study.
Results: Except for white blood cell count, a significant reduction was found in BMI, lymphocyte count, serum hemoglobin, total protein and albumin levels after surgery (P<0.001). There were no significant differences between the change in nutritional parameters after laryngectomy and the increase in age; BMI (P=0.054), hemoglobin (P=0.406), total protein (P=0.103), and albumin (P=0.132), postoperative length of hospital stay and concomitant neck dissection.
Conclusion: Laryngectomy in patients with laryngeal cancer leads to the reduction of nutritional parameters but these changes do not depend on the patient's age, concurrent neck dissection and length of hospital stay; however, the supportive approaches can also be recommended in patients leaving hospital without any serious complications.

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