Evaluation of Injuries among a Manufacturing Industry Staff in Iran

Journal of Research in Health Sciences

Volume 9 - Number 1

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Background: Occupational injury is related to personal characteristics. This phenomenon is a controversial issue. This paper presents the relationships of certain occupational and individual characteristics with frequency of occupational injuries.
Methods: A standardized injury questionnaire was completed for 199 employees in a big Iranian industrial company (MAPNA Group) by the researcher in the presence of the subjects. The data were analyzed using zero-inflated Poisson regression with random effects.
Results: We demonstrated a significant relation between the marital status (P< 0.001) and score of injures (P < 0.001) with number of injuries by employees. Technicians and supervisors have high chance of "not to be injured at all" relative to workers (P< 0.05). Technicians and supervisors have less number of injuring than workers have (P< 0.05). In addition, increasing assessment score decreases the number of injuring of employees (P< 0.001).
Conclusion: Due to being aware of the risks and remedial measures, married employees and workers should be assisted by occupational specialists.

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