Kawasaki Disease: An Epidemiological and Clinical Study

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 47 - Number 6

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To review children with Kawasaki disease admitted in 17-Shahrivar hospital of Rasht from 1999 to 2007. We reviewed retrospectively 64 children with Kawasaki disease between 1999-2007 admitted in 17- Shahrivar Hospital of Rasht. Frequency distributions of variants including age, sex, season, clinical and laboratory manifestations, response to treatment and complications of the patients were abstracted using SPSS 14. Patients' age ranged from 2 month to 12 years (median: 41.5 months). The male / female ratio was 1:0.78. The most cases were admitted in the autumn and then spring. Fever in 100%, changes in lip and mouth in 92.1%, rash in 87.5%, Conjunctivitis in 82.8%, changes in extremities in 67.1%, and cervical lymphadenopathy in 59.3% were present. Coronary aneurysm was found in one case. The most common extracardiac complication in this study was vomiting (85.7%). With respect to Kawasaki disease differential diagnosis and its treatment, Better knowledge can help us to make diagnosis more accurately.

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