The Treatment of Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Using Phlebotomy: A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Clinical Trial

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 47 - Number 6

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This randomized clinical trial aimed to assess the efficacy of phlebotomy on improvement of hearing loss. 71 patients with sudden sensorineural hearing loss were enrolled in this randomized clinical trial study. They were divided into two groups: group A received steroid and hydration therapy plus phlebotomy, while group B received the same regimen without phlebotomy. They were matched according to sex, age, Hb, and Htc. Pure tone audiometries were administered to examine the hearing levels before and after treatment. Statistical analysis showed higher improvement in 250-1000 Hz in patients whit phlebotomy (P<0.001). However, there was noticed no significant difference in hearing improvement in 2000-8000 Hz between two methods. The number (%) of patients who had improvement was 29(85.3%) in phlebotomy group and 21(56.8%) in non-phlebotomy group. On the other hand, the number (%) of patients who showed no improvement in A and B group was 5(14.7%) and 16(43.2%), respectively (P=0.008). Using phlebotomy accompanied by steroid and hydration therapy leads to higher improvement in hearing loss especially in 250- 1000 Hz. We think that this method has the ability to achieve better result in the management of patients with SSNHL.

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