A research on family characteristics influencing the development of transsexuality in Iran

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 38 - Number 4

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The objective of this research is to survey the factors influencing transsexuality, particularly those pertaining to the parents of transsexuals. In this research, all the clients referring to the forensic medicine center in Tehran during 1991-93 were studied. They have requested to get permission for operation of their genitalia. The subjects were asked questions concerning their families’ characteristics, particularly their attitudes towards their parents. The transsexuals taking part in this study comprised 36 males and 8 females. The control group members were identical to the subjects regarding number, sex, age and education. The findings present a considerable difference between the two male groups’ description of their families. The male transsexuals described their parents as passive and rejecting while the descriptions of males in the control group were not the same. In this respect there was no significant difference between females in the two groups. However the small number of females would no permit the researchers to have a clear insight.

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