Prognostic factors in acute secondary peritonitis: A case control study

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 38 - Number 4

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The mortality associated with secondary peritonitis has been unacceptably high. This is despite improvements in diagnosis and surgical methods. The risk factors affecting outcome have been only partially elucidated the records of 303 patients with the established diagnosis of generalized peritonitis were studied retrospectively for various prognostic factors and their outcomes. The associations of probable risk factors were examined by performing logistic regression on outcome. Age, the white blood cell (WBC) count above 20000 cells/mm3, site of infection, mechanism of infection and male sex were associated with mortality rate. Perforation as the mechanism of intra-abdominal infection was surprisingly associated with better prognosis, and the WBC count (Less than 20000 cells/mm³) and fever showed no significant association with mortality. The observations demonstrate that in patients with potential risk factors, a more aggressive method including earlier surgical management is needed.

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