Complications of radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy in 120 early stage cervical cancers

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 38 - Number 4

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We evaluated the clinical experience of 120 women with early stage cervical cancer who underwent radical hysterectomy combined with pelvic lymphadenectomy (Class III Rutledge) in our gynecologic oncology clinic. Of these, 74 patient (61.66%) were in stage I and 46 patients (38.34%) were in stage IIa. Intra-operation complications comprised of great vessel injuries encountered in 4 (3.3%) patients. Post-operative complications included 12 (10%) bladder dysfunction, 2 (1.66%) lymphocyte formation, 10 (8.3%) urinary infection, 8 (7%) wound infection, 10 (8.3%) pelvic infections and 5 (4.16%) acute ileus. However, no death occurred due to intra-operative or post-operative complications. Pelvic lymph metastases were observed in 22 patients. Para-aortic lymph node metastases were diagnosed in 6 (2.5%) patients all of whom fell in stage II.

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