Wrestling induced cervical spondylosis, fact or fiction? A study conducted in 148 athletes

Acta Medica Iranica Journal

Volume 38 - Number 4

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Traumatic injuries are leading causes of spinal cord damage. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether wrestling induced cervical spondylosis amongst professional wrestlers or not. To test this assumption, two groups of athletes, 72 wrestlers versus 76 non-wrestlers 15-55 years of age were studied. Radiographic findings and clinical assessments were compared in both groups. Significant differences (Odd ratio=2.91, P=0.007) were noted between the two groups regarding the prevalence of radiological cervical spondylosis. The clinical radiculo-myelopathy was significantly developing in wrestlers in higher ages (Odd ratio=77.5, P<0.001). Torg ratio of <80% was found to be somehow more in the younger age group. Considering the awesome and debilitating implications of this entity among professional wrestlers, it seems prudent to keep an eye on the cervical spine of all new entrants and closely follow up the professional wrestlers to prevent developing myelopathy.

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