Correlation of age at menarche and height in Iranian student girls living in Gorgan -Northeast of Iran

Journal of Pakistan Medical Association

Volume 58 - Number 8

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Objective: To see the association of age at menarche with adult height in girls living in Gorgan - North of Iran.
Methods: This study included 100 female university students (aged 18-21 years) born between 1985-1988 and 200 intermediate school students (aged 12-15 years) born between 1992-1994. Age at menarche and its association with height were studied. Data was analyzed by SPSS v11. 5 software. Pearson correlation was used to determine the relation between menarcheal age and height.
Results: There was a significant difference in the age of menarche between intermediate school students (12.20 + 1.45 years) and university students (13.54 + 1.30 years). This decreased by 68.54 days per 1-year. The significant positive association was between age at menarche and height. Height of students with menarche at an earlier age was less (P<0. 05). There was no significant difference in menarche age in the different socioeconomic classes.
Conclusion: Girls living in Gorgan - North of Iran acquire menarche at an early age. Students with earlier menarche reach a shorter adult height.