Comparison of cytotoxic and inflammatory effects of four bonding agents on L929 mouse fibroblasts

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Background & Aim: It is of interest in restorative dentistry to maintain the pulp vitality after pulp exposure in traumatized teeth or during cavity preparation. If the tooth is asymptomatic, the exposure site is taken place in a saliva–free environment, direct pulp capping is recommended. Pulp capping agents must be biocompatible. The aim of this study was to compare the cytotoxic and inflammatory effects of four bonding agents on L929 fibroblast.
Methods & Materials: In this experimental study, after culturing and passaging these cells, samples of i Bond, Excite, One Step Plus and SE Bond, were prepared in capillary tubes and inserted in cultures. Cytotoxic effects were determined after 1, 24 hours and 7 days by MTT assay and for detecting the IL-6, fibroblast culture media were collected after 24 hours and assessed by ELISA. Statistical analyses were made using Kruskal-wallis and Mann - whitney U tests.
Result: There was a significant difference of cytotoxicity among the groups after 1 and 24 hours (P=0.001, P=0.029 respectively). However, no significant difference was found. After 7 days, the amount of IL-6 production showed no significant difference among the groups.
Conclusion: It was determined that i Bond had the least cytotoxic effects among the other groups. However, all the groups could induce the IL-6 secretion from fibroblasts.

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