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Background and Aim: Since tip projection is an important factor for the nose esthetics, one of the results in rhinoplasty is maintenance, increase or decrease of nasal tip. The aim of this research was to measure nasal tip dropping in profile after rhinoplasties done on Maxillofacial Department of Taleghani Hospital, Tehran in 2003- 2004.
Methods & Materials: In this quasi experimental study, nasal tip dropping 2 months and 6 months after surgery in comparison with 20 days post operation in 28 patients were measured via profile photographs. Various variables such as tip projection, nasal length, nasolabial angle and (nose+upper lip length)/projection were calculated by computer software with accuracy of 0.01 mm and 0.1. Paired T and ANOVA tests were used to compare the changes.
Result: Tip projection diminished slightly within 20 days to 6 months after rhinoplasty which means the tip had a little posterior movement. Nasolabial angle showed significant decrease (P Less than 0.001) and increase in nose length was apparent (P Less than 0.001). Changes indicated the inferior dropping of nasal tip. Nose tip change were seen after 2 months and continued 6 months postoperatively. The postoperative changes between 20 days and 2 months, 2 and 6 months, and 20 days and 6 months for NL, NLA, N+UL/P were significant in all cases (P Less than 0.05). Nasal tip changes were greater in male than female but patient's age seemed not important. Septoplasty and tip graft did not have significant effect on nose tip.
Conclusion: Nose tip moved inferiorly and posteriorly within 20 days and 6 months after surgery but inferior.

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