Necessity of Molecular Differentiation of Entamoeba spp.

Journal of Food Quality and Hazards Control

Volume 4 - Number 3

Article Type: Letter to editor
Abstract: Dear Editor
In the recent issue of the Journal of Food Quality and Hazards Control (Volume 4, Number 2, 2017), the paper entitled "Parasitic Infections in Raw Vegetables of Kermanshah, Western Iran and Their Relation with Season and Washing Procedures" was published by Salavati, et al. The authors assessed the parasites in the raw vegetable sampled randomly from five different areas of Kermanshah district, Western Iran. They reported Entamoeba histolytica/dispar in unwashed, traditionally washed, and standard washed samples using microscopic analysis. Based on our knowledge, E. moshkovskii (same as E. dispar) is considered as nonpathogenic Entamoeba with no morphologically difference with E. histolytica. The methods that could identify the mentioned species are specific-antigen and DNA analysis. The developed molecular tests include PCR based methods (Calegar et al., 2016; López-López et al., 2017). So, I recommend that the researchers should use molecular-based methods to differentiate these three Entamoeba spp. in the future related studies.
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