The influence of Vanadyl Sulphate on islet cells, blood Glucose and Insulin levels of normal and STZ-induced diabetic rats

Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

Volume 17 - Number 3-4

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We have studied the influence of vanadyl sulphate (VS) on islet cells, blood glucose and insulin levels of normal and STZ-induced diabetic rats. Normal rats were given daily VS solution for one month and their blood glucose level was found not to differ from normal control rats, whereas their plasma insulin level was significantly lower and histological sections of pancreas showed that islets were larger in size and more abundant in number. The beta cells were hypertrophic and hyperplastic. In STZ- induced diabetic rats with blood glucose levels of more than 500 mg/dl and insulin levels of less than 30 µU/ml, we found that one month after administration of VS, blood glucose and insulin levels became normal. Islets, which were shrunken and their beta cells almost destroyed at three days after STZ-injection, showed hyperplasia and hypertrophy. We conclude that: Oral administration of VS can induce the proliferation of beta cells of normal rats while preserving their sensitivity of blood glucose level. VS, in STZ-induced diabetic rats, seems either to protect the beta cells from destruction or possibly induce their regeneration from undisturbed beta cells. Furthermore, we did not notice toxic effects of VS on any organ when histologically compared to normal ones.

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