Experience with sixty cases of spinal cord injury from Iran-Iraq war

Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

Volume 17 - Number 3-4

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60 cases of spinal cord injury from the Iran-Iraq war, with an average follow-up of 33 months, were studied. 30 cases had undergone surgery. Spinal deformity was recognized in 93.3%, with higher frequency and severity in those who had laminectomy. 90% of these cases remained wheelchair bound, 5% had only bed independence and 5% were community ambulators. 48 cases (80%) developed bed sore and 31.6% ectopic ossification, mainly in the spastic group. It is concluded that spinal deformity is a common sequel to cord injury, which does not usually cause major functional impairment and often self-stabilizes within one year in adults. Laminectomy was found to be useless for neurological recovery and harmful for spinal stability. Functional ambulation seemed to be a far-reaching goal in most cases. Spasticity was at least subjectively a very troublesome situation for the sufferer and also contributed to a higher rate of ectopic ossification.

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