How to connect PACS to the different RIS/HIS

Iranian Journal of Radiology

Volume 4 - Number suppl.2

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Correct data communications with the Imaging Cen-ter Departments and HIS is very important in all over the world; in other countries they established some parts of this connection throw out HL7 standards. At this time none of HIS/RIS software's in Iran supports this standard, and as well we need to connect these systems at the modalities acquisition segment, which HL7 doesn't support it.
With due attention to EPD Co. experiments in design and Produce of RIS/HIS and PACS and our basic knowledge about HL7 V3, linking these systems to-gether are very important for us. So in the first step, we connect them together over Payvand systems and in the second step we create a standard solution as a service under windows platform for connecting dif-ferent RIS/HIS to the PACS.
This Service is a DICOM-based standard solution that directly links RIS/HIS systems to PACS in work-station level. It transfers patient demographics and study information from RIS systems to PACS by Mo-dality Request. Also radiologists can use this service to get their work list by Dicom Viewer directly. We can denote some benefits of this service as possibility to keep track patient file over the RIS/HIS, eliminat-ing data entry at the modality and in consequence, increasing speed and simplicity of imaging procedure, enabling exams to start on time and assuring that the exam data is cataloged correctly when sent to a PACS.
EPD Co. Work list Service runs in the background of Windows operating system. First, it opens a network socket and then answers to all requests from Modali-ties and DICOM Viewers. The RIS operators work with this service indirectly when they enter patient information. Also this service is not relative to any RIS/HIS and PACS system, so medical imaging cen-ters can use this service with any windows-based RIS/HIS.