Development of the UTAUT2 model to measure the acceptance of medical laboratory portals by patients in Shiraz

Electronic Physician

Volume 9 - Number 2

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction: One of the main stages for achieving the success is acceptance of technology by its users. Hence, identifying the effective factors in successful acceptance of information technology is necessary and vital. One such factor is usability. This study aimed to investigate the software usability in the "Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2)" model in patients’ use of medical diagnosis laboratories’ electronic portals in 2015. 
Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out on 170 patients in 2015. A 27-item questionnaire adopted from previous research and the Usability Evaluation questionnaire were used for data collection. Data were analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), with Partial Least Squares approach by SPSS 20.0 and Smart-PLS V3.0. 
Results: The results showed that the construct of intention to use had significant associations with price value (t-value=2.77), hedonic motivation (t-value=4.46), habit (t-value=1.99) and usability (t-value=5.2), as well as the construct of usage behavior with usability (t-value=3.45) and intention to use (t-value=2.03).
Conclusion: Considering the results of this study, the following recommendations can be made in order for the higher use of portals by the patients: informing patients about the advantages of using these portals, designing portals in a simple and understandable form, increasing the portals’ attractiveness, etc.
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