Comparison of Perfectionism in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease and Normal Subjects: A Case - Control Study

Journal of health sciences and surveillance system

Volume 4 - Number 4

Article Type: Original Article

Background: Studies have shown that some personalcharacteristics such as perfectionism are associated withcardiovascular diseases. Hence, this study was designed withthe aim of doing a comparative evaluation of perfectionism incoronary heart disease patients and healthy individuals referredto Shahid Faghihi Hospital in Shiraz.Methods: This is a case-control study carried out on 80cardiovascular patients and 80 healthy people who referred toShahid Faghihi Hospital. The sampling was done through theconvenience sampling method. The Frost MultidimensionalPerfectionism Scale (FMPS) was used to collect the information.Besides, t-test was applied to analyze the data in the SPSSsoftware, version 16.Results: The mean ages of the participants in this study were48±12.2 and 34±9.6 in patients and normal subjects, respectively.Negative perfectionism among the people with cardiovasculardisease was higher than the healthy individuals (69.5±12.8 and64±15.5, respectively, with P=0.03) and there was a significantdifference between these two groups. In terms of perfectionismsubscales, there was a significant difference between thetwo groups regarding personal standards (P<0.00), parentalexpectations (P=0.02), and uncertainty in acts (P=0.04).Conclusion: In general, our study results showed that there wasno significant difference between patients with cardiovasculardisease and normal subjects in terms of perfectionism, but asignificant difference was seen between some subscales ofperfectionism in the two groups.

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