Investigation of MicroRNA-21 Expression Levels in Serum and Stool as a Potential Non-Invasive Biomarker for Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

Iranian Biomedical Journal

Volume 21 - Number 2

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Background: Most cancer studies focus on exploring non-invasive biomarkers for cancer detection. In the present study, we sought to investigate the expression level of microRNA-21 (miR-21), as a potential diagnostic marker, in serum and stool samples from 40 patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) and 40 healthy controls.
Methods: Quantitative real-time RT-PCR was applied to determine the relative expression level of miR-21 in serum and stool. At the same time, the sensitivity and specificity of this marker was evaluated by receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve analysis.
Results: miR-21 expression levels of serum and stool were up-regulated 12.1 (P<0.05, 95% CI: 5.774-34.045) and 10.0 (P<0.05, 95% CI: 0.351-16.260) times in CRC patients, respectively, when compared to the control group. The sensitivity and specificity of miR-21 was found to be 86.05% and 72.97%, respectively (an area under the ROC curve [AUC] of 0.783). The stool miR-21 level in CRC patients was much higher than that in the healthy controls, showing a sensitivity of 86.05% and a specificity of 81.08% (AUC: 0.829). The expression level of miR-21 in stool was able to significantly distinguish CRC tumor, node, metastasis stages III-IV from stages I-II, with a sensitivity and specificity of 88.1% and 81.6%, respectively (AUC: 0.872).
Conclusion: The results of this study indicated that miR-21 expression levels in serum and stool can be considered as a potential diagnostic biomarker for the diagnosis of CRC patients. However, more studies are required to confirm the validity of miR-21 as a valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool for CRC.
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