Pregnancy outcome after consumption of herbal medicine "NOFODA" by infertile men

International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine

Volume 9 - Number Suppl.2

Article Type: Original Article

Introduction: Infertility is a common problem affecting 12-15% of the population. Access to infertility treatment is an important issue, especially through beneficial and inexpensive methods. This study aims to determine the pregnancy outcome and quality of sperm parameters after treatment of infertile males with a herbal formula "NOFODA" comprising of Orchis mascula, Tribulus terrestris, Phoenix dactylifera pollen, Allium ampeloprasum, Ficus carica, Lepidium sativus and Amygdalus communis. Materials and Methods: 32 infertile men (mean age 30.40±5.21) consumed 500 gr herbal medicine "NOFODA" (treated) and 30 men just placebo (control) 3 times a week, for duration of three months. There were two secondary infertile men in treated and one in control groups, and others with primary infertility. Sperm parameters such as count, motility and morphology were evaluated using WHO criteria. The data were analyzed using paired t-test by SPSS 16.0. The pregnancy outcomes were recorded as well. Results: Approximately 19% of couples in treated group conceived after consumption of "NOFODA" by their infertile men. However, no pregnancy in control group was reported. In treated group after treatment with "NOFODA", immotile sperm decreased from 49.03±17.9% to 39.70±21.0%, but total motility increased from 50.59±25.1% to 61.22±39.2% (p<0.001). In addition, sperm count was increased from 42.91±29.9×10 6 to 51.05±32.8×10 6 after herbal treatment. However, no significant changes were detected in sperm parameters in control. Conclusion: In this prospective study, sperm quality and pregnancy outcome were improved after consumption of herbal formula "NOFODA" by infertile male. Administration of this natural drug is recommended as a supplement for therapy of male factor infertility.