Comparison of In-Vitro Maturation of human oocytes in germinal vesicle with Metaphase- । stage

International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine

Volume 9 - Number Suppl.2

Article Type: Original Article

Introduction: Germinal vesicle (GV) and metaphase-I (MI) are considered as immature oocytes. 85% of retrieved oocytes are mature (MII), 4% are at MI stage and the rest are at the GV stage. These immature oocytes should be first matured in vitro (IVM), so they may be used in IVF program. The aim was to compare the in vitro maturity potentials of GV with MI oocytes in a clinical setting. Materials and Methods: 103 immature oocytes were retrieved from 42 ovarian stimulated cycles enrolled for ICSI program. The women aged between 19-40 years old (mean 28.5±6.5 years). 69 oocytes were at GV, and 34 oocytes at MI stage underwent IVM technology. The oocytes were assessed for 48 h, and the rates of maturity were recorded. The maturation medium was Ham‟s F10 supplemented with 0.75 IU FSH, 0.75 IU LH (Menogon) and 40% human follicular fluid (hFF). Results: The rates of maturity for MI and GV oocytes were 47.1% and 68.1%, respectively. In addition, the rates of maturity of GV-MI oocytes in women under age of 30 years was 60.7%, and 59.5% in older women. Conclusion: The rate of maturity was higher in GV oocytes, which may be related to the protective role of nuclear membrane and condensed nuclear materials. Therefore, use of GV oocytes in IVM program is more promising.