Peritoneal tuberclosis mimicking ovarian cancer in three patients

International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine

Volume 9 - Number Suppl.1

Article Type: Original Article

Introduction: Pritoneal toberclusis is a rare disease that mimik ovarian malignancy and consist of 3.3% of cases of exterapolmonary tuberclosis (TB). Clinical mainifastion of pritoneal TB resemble ovarian cancer and may cause gynecologist mistaked and performance of unnesessary extend surgery. Materials and Methods: We describe three patients with complete physical examination, medical and family history, routin biochemical test and level of CA-125, chest X-rey and abdominal ultrasonography with symptoms of abdominal pain, ascitis, weith loss who reffred to Shahid Sadoghy Hospital. Results: Three patiente with peritoneal tuberclusis mimicking ovarian cancer were encountered. All of the patiente had abdominal pain, elevated serum CA125 higher than 1000 u/ml and one of them had fever and severe ascitis. Laparoscopy in one patient and laparotomy in two patients revealed peritoneal TB and no malignancy. All of the patients treated with quadruple anti –TB drugs and were followed up for 6 month. Conclusion: Ascitis, high level of Ca125 without large ovarian masses help us to diagnosis peritoneal TB. The diagnosis of TB and ovarian carcinoma is very difficult.