The presence of children: opportunity or threat to marital satisfaction

فصلنامه پزشكي باروري و ناباروري

دوره 17 - شماره Suppl.1

Article Type: Original Article

Background: Marital satisfaction is one of the most important of aspect of life with its essential to establish family and children raising. Although the birth of child can make happiness to family but this can cause important changes in couple’s relationships. Because of the subjective nature of this issue, there is little knowledge and need to looking in depth into this issue, and quantitative research done to explain the meaning of the marital satisfaction does not respond, so the use of qualitative research methods with naturalism perspective seems to be necessary.This study aimed to explain how the presence of child would be in marital satisfaction among women in Iran.
Methods: The present study was conducted between 2014 and 2015 and by common qualitative content analysis approach through semi-structured interviews and 17 participants were selected by purposive sampling. Participants included married women living in Tehran that were married at least 3 years ago. Interviews were carefully typed and analyzed using common qualitative content analysis. Data sampling ended by achieving saturation and identifying categories.
Result: Through content analysis two themes appeared: ((development of family)), including three categories: forming couples relationship, roles determination and maternal feeling and ((mutual enjoyment)) including one category: attempt for a purpose.
Conclusion: According to this study, marital satisfaction can affect by presence of child. This appears in two approaches: development of family and mutual enjoyment. In fact women will feel the evolution after child birth then they can make deep relation with their spouses. Since the child is a shared interest between couples, it can incorporate their attempts in marital life. If families' consultants are informed about positive and negative effect of presence of child on marital satisfaction, they can better act to solve couples problem in this field.