Perception of the marital satisfaction among Iranian women: a qualitative study

فصلنامه پزشكي باروري و ناباروري

دوره 17 - شماره Suppl.1

Article Type: Original Article

Background: Successful marriage and marital relationship provide many emotional and physical needs in a secure environment and have significant effects on mental health. One of the common concepts to illustrate the happiness and stability of marriage is the concept of marital satisfaction. Couples should attempt to achieve the marital satisfaction. In spite of many different reports, the prevalence of marital conflict is increasing in several ways. However, in our country due to religious beliefs, prevalent moral values and specific cultural context the scale of family issues is not as much as some other countries; however, various issues and dissatisfaction in this scope cannot be overlooked. Although family issues in Iran was not the same compared with many other countries due to religious beliefs, specific cultural context and prevalent moral values, various issues and dissatisfaction in this scope cannot be overlooked. Due to the subjective nature of this issue, there is less knowledge and necessity of deep look into this issue and accomplished quantitative researches to explain the meaning of the marital satisfaction do not respond. Therefore, the use of qualitative research methods with naturalism seems necessary. This study aimed to explain the perception of marital satisfaction among Iranian women.
Methods: The present study was conducted between March and September 2015 by common qualitative content analysis approach through semi-structured interviews and 17 participants were selected by purposive sampling. Participants included married women living in Tehran who were married at least 3 years. Interviews were carefully recorded and analyzed by using common qualitative content analysis. Data sampling ended by achieving saturation and identifying categories.
Result: Through content analysis two themes appeared: ((feeling of evolution)), including a category: flourishing deep feelings and ((romantic interaction)) includes three categories: mutual support, relaxation and enjoyment dependence.
Conclusion: Marital life can lead to the development of people and lovely interaction between them. Surely it needs passing of time and self-knowing and couple-knowing of each other. In fact, these participants satisfied their marital life when they found friendly, supportive and respectful interaction with their husbands beside personal development. Family consultants need the perception of how couple's interaction is, also they need to understand about couples who can communicate well to each other so they can overcome many life's deficiencies.