Male sexual dysfunction and recommended foods in Iranian traditional medicine

International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine

Volume 11 - Number Supple.2

Article Type: Original Article

Introduction: Male sexual dysfunction is common. In America, a prevalence of impotence of 52% was estimated among men aged 40-70 years. Causes of sexual dysfunction and their treatments are expressed in classical medicine and Iranian Traditional Medicine (ITM). ITM physicians stressed the importance of nutrition in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Also in the problem recommended many foods for each causes. The aim of this study was to explore the causes of male sexual dysfunction and recommended foods for treating this problem addressed through ITM original resources. Materials and Methods: Specific data related to the subject among all refferal ITM texts was extracted firstly, and then the collected data were analyzed using inductive content analysis. Results: The analysis of data revealed that male sexual dysfunction in ITM has two causes; physiologic and psychosomatic. Physiologic causes are low semen volume, brain weakness, heart weakness, stomach weakness, liver weakness, kidney weakness, sexual inactivity, semen intemperament, low vessels flatulent and penis weakness or palsy. Signs and symptoms and recommended drugs and foods for each causes are expressed, that in this study stressed the recommended foods. Conclusion: Foods that can enhance sexual performance and the quality and quantity of semen can be recommended to male patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction in medical centers to aid in their treatment.