Cancer screening in Iranian middle-age women: mixed method approach

International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine

Volume 11 - Number Supple.1

Article Type: Original Article

Introduction: Today cancer is one of the common causes of incidence and mortality in the world. Now, cancer is third cause of death in Iran and annually happened 30,000 cases of death in Iran. With starting early screening can be prevented than progressive cancers and mortality. In middle age increase incidence of many cancers including breast, cervical and colon. Materials and Methods: The present studies investigated the amount of screening for cancer in middle-aged women and explain the factors In the research 483 middle-age women was selected with cluster random sampling in the quantitative phase and 12 middle-age women was selected with purposive sampling in the qualitative phase. In the first stage data gathering was done with questionnaire and analyzed with descriptive statistics and in the second stage qualitative semi-structured interviews and data were analyzed with content analysis. Results: The results showed that mean age of the participants were about 46 years old, the majority of women were housewives (85.1%), the majority of people (59.4%) have educated under diploma. 64%, 67.3%, 78.7%, 62.4% and 94.4% respectively of people never have not done BSE, CBE, mammograms, Pap test, fecal occult blood test. Qualitative research results also showed a lack of knowledge, the cost of the screening examinations, lack of financial independence of women and neglect their spouse, fear of cancer, embarrassment and myths of the main obstacles to cancer screening and knowledge, encourage of health professionals and observation of cancer in familiar persons were the most of the motives of cancer screening. Conclusion: Considering the prevalence of cancers in this age group, it need proper planning to increase awareness and need to training for spouses and providing to screening services in the healthy policies.