Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction: Although environmental factors are essential components of the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease, the link between life events, social support and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is unclear. Hypothesis is that number of the exposure of life events and degree of social support among patients with IBD different from normal people. Method: In this case-control study, 45 patients with IBD and 30 normal people were entered. All participants completed Holmes & Rahe Readjustment Rating Scale and Iranian version ofMultidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS). Student’s t-test, Chi-squared test, Covariance analysis and MO NCOVA were used to analyze the data. Results: Covariance analysis showed that Significant differences between case and control groups in Readjustment Rating Scale (F=30.19, p= 0.0001). However, MANCOVA showed no significant difference between towgroups inMSPSS (F=0.36, p= 0.78). Conclusion: Although the findings suggest that an association between stress and IBD, the findings do not support a link between social support and IBD.