Common Gastrointestinal And Liver Diseases (GI & LD) Hospitalized In GI Ward Of Shariati Hospital During 2000 - 2010

گوارش، مجله انجمن متخصصين گوارش و كبد ايران

دوره 15 - شماره Supple.1

Article Type: Original Article
Abstract: Introduction: Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases (GILD) are a major cause of referral to public and private health system. GI cancers comprise 40 percent of the all cancers in Iran. The prevalence of GI cancers, GERD, and IBD has increased during the last decade. In order to define a picture regarding the most common gastrointestinal and liver disease which needs admission in hospital, we reviewed the discharge notes of all patients whom been admitted in a period of 10 years.We choose the Shariati’s hospital because it is one of three major referral center the Tehran the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. Method: In this study we reviewed the patient’s discharge notes of all patients who have been admitted in gastroenterology ward of Shariati’s hospital between 2000 and 2010. The data of age, gender, hospital stay days, the patient’s outcome defined as discharge, death and discharge by release sheet, the diagnosis defined according to International Classification of Disease (ICD-10). The data were entered in the SPSS software and analyzed. Results: The discharge notes of 5898 patients [Male: 3813(64.7%)-Female: 2082(35.3%)] were reviewed. The age of hospitalized patients was 10 to 95 years old. The most prevalence range of age was 61-70y [1129 patients(19.14%)] and then 51-60y [1089 patients(18.46%)].The first 5 leading Gastrointestinal causes of hospitalization in GI ward of this referral hospital were: Chronic liver diseases[1600p (27.14%)], Peptic ulcer diseases[1000p (16.96%)], GI cancers[955p (16.20%)], Hepatobiliary diseases[650p (11.20%)], and inflammatory bowel disease [275p (4.66%)].The most Gastrointestinal causes of death in this study was GI cancers followed by Cirrhosis of liver. The patient’s outcome was [discharge: 5558 (94.23%)-death: 225(3.81%)- discharge by release sheet: 115(1.94%)]. Conclusion: GI cancers along with Chronic liver diseases constitute the main GI and Liver etiology for hospitalization and death in our country. Appropriate strategies for the education of health care providers and management of these diseases should be considered for lowering their burden in the community.